Robyn Blumner & The Center for Inquiry: Banachek’s Brain #65

On this episode of the podcast we talk with Robyn Blumner. Robyn is a journalist, civil rights expert and the current president and chief executive officer of the secular educational organization Center for Inquiry and executive director of the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science.

Teaching critical thinking with Ray Hall & Katie Dyer: Banachek’s Brain #64

On this episode we speak with professors Ray Hall and Katie Dyer. We talk about how to teach the strategies of critical thinking.

James Underdown & skeptical investigations: Banachek’s Brain #62

On this episode of Banachek’s Brain we talk with James Underdown. James investigates fringe science, paranormal and extraordinary claims from a rational, scientific viewpoint, and disseminates factual information about such inquiries to the public.

Alone with Exponential Growth: Banachek’s Brain #61

On this episode Banachek finds himself alone on the road while doing performances. On this episode he takes you down the counter intuitive impacts of exponential growth. There’s lots of numbers on this one.

OUR MOST CENSORED EPISODE EVER, featuring Tawney Noreen: Banachek’s Brain #59

On this episode, we discuss various kinds of alternative relationships and then things get out of hand. We talk about how everyone seems to be offended and we censor the podcast accordingly.