Custom Events

Banachek routinely creates custom experiences and shows for audiences and events around the world.

Banachek is the expert at creating stories and amazing demonstrations that will get your mission statement deeply ingrained in any attendees psyche.

Production managers, TV producers and theatrical producers call on Banachek’s talents to create one of a kind mind blowing illusions for their famous clients.

With the “Banachek Touch.” what is real and what is imagined, will never be the same again!

In his personal show Banachek reads thoughts that no one could possibly ever know. Birth-dates, zodiac signs, social security numbers, driver’s license numbers, first kisses, current infatuations, favorite songs, first celebrity crushes are all revealed. Juliana Sweeney cried out, “Get out of my head!” when he revealed the exact word she was thinking of and the order of the letters she chose to think of in her chosen word and this is exactly what every participant is thinking, ”Banachek is in my head.” For those who think he used social media, he only reveals the thoughts they are thinking at the show itself. The audience is warned, ‘Be careful what you think because Banachek knows.

Imagine how this talent could work at your event.  Clients think of any of your thousands of products and Banachek reveals exactly what they are thinking of or Banachek is able to cause your client to think of anything you want them to.

Banachek reassures each and every audience he is not psychic at all, each and every effect he performs is a mastery of magic, verbal, non-verbal communication, psychology, and perceptional manipulation. He is a magician of the mind, of information, and he is good!  He is the perfect salesperson.

What if Banachek could touch your clientele in the same manner, using psychological techniques, your product or mission statement is remembered long after they leave the trade show or dinner banquet. Your name is foremost upon their mind.

This is not the same old tired lecture they hear all weekend, but a fresh entertaining event they will talk about for years to come.  And the icing on the cake, your message is told.

The last Vegas Journal called Banachek’s show “A must see!”

William Shatner said, “The most incredible thing I have ever seen”

Meatloaf exclaimed, “How the f@ck did you do that? That blew my mind!” 

 Wolf Blitzer of CNN vociferated, “I was honored to be on stage with you!”

Call now to see how Banachek can make your event an experience of a lifetime.