For over 30 years Banachek has helped Fortune 500 companies, universities, celebrities reach the potential that they never expected possible. Whether speaking before an audience of thousands, consulting with private clients, or through his products or seminars, Banachek’s focus is helping motivated individuals achieve the goals, visions, and missions that are most important to them and their organizations.

Banachek is a foremost authority on persuasion, critical thinking, and uncommon problem-solving. His best-selling book series ‘Psychological Subtleties’ dramatically changed the way millions think about influence. His work has been seen internationally and predominantly featured in the award-winning documentary “An Honest Liar”.

Banachek’s keynote speaking has been featured on Vice News Tonight and Showtime. His popular podcast “Banachek’s Brain” explores the cross-section of entertainment, psychology which is only expanded upon in his keynote speech. Whether it be teamwork, critical thinking, or problem-solving strategies, Banachek is the man they turn to.