Project Alpha

An incredible autobiographical show that journeys through the paranormal and skepticism like none other.  For hundreds of years, science has attempted to prove or disprove powers beyond known scientific laws. What would it take to make you believe? In the history of Mentalism and Magic only one man has baffled scientists in a laboratory and he did it for four years. That man is Banachek and he did it as a teenager.

In Telepathy, Banachek introduces mystery after mystery to the audience demonstrating effects that defy reason. The impossible is performed with the assistance of skeptics and true believers randomly selected.  With clever and humorous interplay with the audience, he demonstrates that the mastery of any one of these effects might convince you a person has “powers.” Banachek shares the history of these mysteries and their place in popular culture.  Telepathy, ESP, Past life regression, foretelling the future are all demonstrated. Banachek even speaks to audience members departed love ones. This dazzling display of abilities overwhelms your senses until you think this man is closer to superhuman than any one of us. Reaching into their minds and their pasts in ways that are inexplicable, Banachek charms and amazes.

Coming from a troubled childhood, Banachek shares his extremely personal journey. – Banachek was forced to rely on his unique abilities from an early age to survive. Finally at just 16, he became the test subject at a heavily funded psychic research facility at Washington University in St. Louis.

For years scientists closely studied and tested Banachek’s “abilities” and he baffled them. When he was 19, The St. Louis Parapsychologists declared on TV, “It is evident that he has a full spectrum of psychic abilities.” But then came the shocking revelation. Banachek stunned the world at a press conference for all national media, declaring that he had done it with magic techniques and he had taught himself. A moment hard to believe considering what they had witnessed. Project Alpha warns how effects become beliefs and become ingrained so deeply that they are “acknowledge as real.” This is a story that amazes, stuns and provokes personal thought by every member of the audience.

Joe Rogan has said of Banachek, “A brilliant, brilliant man. Banachek, you are one bad MotherF&cker.”